4 RAR Operation Ivanhoe and the Battle of Nui Le links

Dear Members,
Details below of the Canberra Memorial Service Monday 20th September 2021 at 10.30am.

Below is the email from DVA referring to the event.

“Subject: Operation Ivanhoe and the Battle of Nui Le links
Good afternoon gentlemen, We are finalising the footage for the Operation Ivanhoe and the Battle of Nui Le virtual commemorative service, and it is looking wonderful.

While this is not the service any of us had originally envisaged, we still wanted to thank you for support and advice throughout the process that has helped make this service possible.

The service will be broadcast on the ABC on Monday 20 September at 10.30am. The service can also be viewed live on the DVA Facebook page and YouTube channel. The links for these are below.

The links will be operational from Monday 20 September at 10.30am. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DVAAus YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/DVAAus/featured

The service will also be available for viewing on demand on ABC iView following the service. If you would like to follow along, we have created a virtual version of the Order of Service. This will be uploaded prior to the service through the following link: https://www.dva.gov.au/recognition/commemorating-all-who-served/commemorative-services/50th-anniversary-operation-ivanhoe

At the above link, you will also find a PDF of the Order Of Service for the service that would have been conducted at the Australian Vietnam Forces National Memorial. This Order of Service will also be uploaded prior to the service’s broadcast on Monday.

If any of your Association members wish to receive a printed copy of the Order of Service, they can still send their mailing addresses and contact information to [email protected] We have also attached copies of these two Orders of Service for your files. http://4rarqld.org.au/battle-of-nui-le/

We know a number of you have commemorations planned over the next week, and we hope you find these a meaningful occasion to remember all those with whom you served alongside, while also reflecting on your own service half a century ago.

Over the coming days, the thoughts of everyone in this Commemorations team will be with you and the Next of Kin of those killed during Operation Ivanhoe.

While we are all extremely disappointed that circumstances did not permit a full service on Anzac Parade to take place, we believe this virtual service will serve as a permanent solemn and dignified tribute to all those who served in the Operation.

Our sincerest thanks once again to all of you for your guidance, support, advice and patience over the past nine months. Please let us know if you have any difficulty with the links. Our many thanks and sincerest regards, The DVA Operation Ivanhoe team – John McKinnon, Robbie Bolton, Michelle Cunningham, Tristan Rallings, Monica Brook, Steve Curran, Simon Garner, and Pete Oliver.
Peter Oliver”

Duty First
Wendy M McLean
Secretary 4RAR Association Qld.Inc.

0417 715 979