A Royal Commission into Veterans’ Suicide ?

The RAR Association supports any genuine initiative, to reduce veterans’ suicide.

Suicide is a national tragedy and not just in the veterans space: it occurs within the whole Australian community where there would not be one reader of this post who has not been touched in some way through a suicide event.

Suicide is a national issue, a national challenge and one that must be and is being tackled as a national problem by the Federal Department of Health with its many specific programs including veterans and their families programs, such as Operation Compass being trialed in Townsville and other locations.

Veterans’ suicide has been a real concern that was exposed in the seminal 2017 Senate Inquiry into suicide by veterans and ex-service personnel.  Its 24 recommendations were accepted by the Government’s Report – The Constant Battle – Suicide by Veterans  and those recommended actions are now in place or being implemented by the Departments of Defence and Veterans Affairs.

The RAR Association believes we should assess the success of those programs before another study is undertaken.

Duty First

Michael von Berg MC OAM


  1. Nicholas LeRay-Meyer says

    The Department has spent millions issuing a new Veterans Card, lapel pin and’Statement’ along with extra staff to action the reports (for which the provider receives a fee) now required every 12 sessions for those undertaking remedial treatment who are not TPIs). I totally support the RAR Association position. A new inquiry is not required. What is required is action, real not platitudes, by the Department to fund appropriate assistance to help those veterans bordering on the edge of despair!

  2. Very pleased to see such a measured, researched and responsible response to the strident calls for a Royal Commission into Veteran Suicide. Let’s hope that the PM or the Minister are not persuaded to go down this path.
    VVAA Victorian Branch strongly supports the RAR Association stance on what you rightly point out is a national tragedy.
    For standing against a RC, VVAA Victoria has been accused by a bunch of younger veterans of not caring about veteran suicide. I can think of no more insulting claim to aim at any ESO that has lived with veteran suicide, and now living with increasing suicide levels among their children.
    Bob Elworthy AM
    Victorian Starte President VVAA

  3. I was under the impression there was a Veterans Suicide meeting with Darren Chester,& other high ranking know it alls this year,that was not represented by one PTSD sufferer .Is this correct?I also notice the closed doors have produced no insight to what the experts “think” about our young people dying at their own hands……Shame on Defence,keeping such secrets AGAIN.