ALERT – DFRDB Superannuation – Petition Closing on Thursday 24 November 2022

This electronic Petition EN4548 relates to the whole of life reductions to DFRDB retirement pay. 

Over 50,000 affected Superannuates suffer retirement pay reductions beyond their Notional Life Expectancy Points (NLEP). The DFRDB Authority actively encouraged Superannuates, to accept a partial, prepayment of future retirement pay, each knowingly understood this lump sum benefit (commutation) was fully repayable, on reaching their NLEP.

The Ombudsman was found Defence guilty of distributing false information and maladministration. However, the Ombudsman failed to determine any culpability of the DFRDB Authority. 


The ADF Family of current serving and past military service persons and their families are encouraged to sign the petition.

To the Australian people your support for the ADF family and this petition is greatly appreciated.

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