An opportunity for personal stories…

Your contacts in the Vietnam veteran community have an opportunity to record their personal stories for the future.

Can I ask you to put the question and encourage stories to be told.

The Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia is working towards the production of a record of our history

We need your stories! A book on the war is in the works, thanks to a top Australian publisher.

And we need your stories, yarns, reflections, anecdotes and more to make it be the book we aim for. This book will tell the history of the war under the working title of “Our Vietnam, Heroes, The People, The Stories & the facts”

Any stories funny or wry, sad or sombre, offering insights, untold tales and thoughts that reflect what the 50,000 Aussies who went to Vietnam went through.

Many histories are told through the memories of top brass and we want a dinkum account that as near as possible captures the spirit of Vietnam Diggers as the war retreats from the memory of some people, but remains alive to so many others. We want to preserve those memories forever in the best way possible.

Send your stories to the Editor V.V.A.A. Debrief, at [email protected] aim for up to 1000 words, and they will be forwarded to the publisher.


Ken Foster OAM JP

Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia

National President