Anzacs ‘killers’, British arrival ‘an invasion’, uni students told

Students at Murdoch University are being taught that the Anzacs who fought at Gallipoli were “killers”, that the British arrival in Australia in 1788 was an “invasion”, and that asylum-seekers on Manus Island and Nauru are “prisoners”.

A lecturer in Australian history­ at Murdoch, Dean Aszkie­lowicz, told School of Arts students earlier this month that many of the young people who attend annual Anzac Day services in Gallipoli were “drunk”. In an audio recording ­obtained by The Australian, he also described Anzac Day as a “cliche” that would diminish in popularity.

Dr Aszkielowicz declined to comment yesterday. The Aust­ralian has been told some of the students in the course are concerned about an apparent left-wing bias among academics and that they are being given only one side of the argument about Australian history and culture.

Murdoch University was standing by its academics last night amid allegations of left-wing bias in their teaching, and criticisms that the comments about the Anzacs were “insulting” to fallen soldiers.

Federal Liberal MP and former SAS commander Andrew Hastie said Australians should be free to question assumptions around Anzac Day but should be careful about attacking or repudiating what it stood for. He also questioned the teaching in Australian universities. “Humanities students would be better off building a home library based on the Western canon, rather than listening to an overpaid radical malign our war dead,” he said.

Murdoch University Challenges our Future

DFWA President Kel Ryan in a letter to the Australian Newspaper today said, “I wonder if Dr Dean Aszkie­lowicz from Murdoch University ever plays back and listens to his lectures. Describing those who fought at Gallipoli as “killers” in terms that were hesitant, contradictory and replete with clichés would not get a “Pass” in a Year 12 history essay is clear evidence that he does not. To suggest that most of the youth who attend the Dawn Service at Gallipoli “are drunk” and blindly following the ‘warrior myth’ which is ‘fuelled’ by the military highlights his lack of understanding of the place of ANZAC Day in the social fabric of the nation. To ridicule is easy but to proffer considered and well-articulated views free of superficial platitudes is obviously a challenge for Dr Aszkielowicz.   More power to those students who question this lecturer and his rationale and the absence of clear and considered understanding of this important chapter of the nation’s history.”

The RARA President Michael von Berg in endorsing the DFWA’s letter added, “The Royal Australian Regiment Association is disgusted in the quotes attributed to Dr. Dean Aszkie­lowicz from Murdoch University that our brave ANZAC’s were “killers” and that ANZAC Day is “clichéd”. Dr. Aszkielowicz is doing his students a disservice in his attempts to rewrite or scrub out history in presenting an inaccurate view of our proud ANZAC past to promote his simple-minded, ideologically driven, political left point of view. It’s not what we expect from those responsible to teach history, not debase or destroy it for self-interest purposes.”


  1. Edward Preston says

    Yes, another “Pom Left Winger”. Probably the “Labor afterbirth of England’s Labor Leader”. Let us reflect to my era. I am 81 and a Vietnam Veteran. Our “Boys” shot better people than the likes of this “Low Level GRUB”, in Vietnam and, paid less than him to do so.
    Whoever, approved his entry to our Country, should be exposed and shamed. Never mind my age, just give a moment with this “Maggot”.

  2. alan Barry says

    ((( Dean Aszkie­lowicz )))

  3. Bruce Murray says

    As a Veteran, I am just as outraged as my peers. However, I am not going to put any credence to what this so called academic has said.

    I would like him to prove each and every one of his statements with written evidence, photographs and Statutory Declarations provided by credible witnesses (not other academics) known the people of Australia.
    Failing this, the Chancellor or Vice-Chancellor should attend his lectures and instantly dismiss him from the University, if he continues to espouse his previous or like statements as quoted in this article.

  4. Linton Solomon says

    Another self righteous, infantile, ignorant academic who probably cant spell ANZAC, let alone grasp the concepts built around it.

  5. Larry North says

    How is this grub able to spread his vile trash? What is the mentality of his seniors who obviously tolerate this bloke? Will the taxpayer continue to subsidise these morons? Anyway he needs to lighten up, have a beer or two & maybe go visit the SAS Troops just down the I’m sure they would be up for a robust discussion.

  6. Helen Ellis says

    A small correction to my blog – it is 104 years since Gallipoli. It is 105 years since my dad enlisted.

  7. Helen Ellis says

    105 years since Gallipoli we have no original ANZACS living today to speak for themselves, let alone defend themselves! As the daughter of an original ANZAC, who I loved and admired both as my dad and a returned serviceman, whose suffering I witnessed, there is no greater injury to me than the opinions of ‘armchair generals’ who think they can rewrite history now to fit to the bravery and supreme sacrifice the ANZACS gave for us all. To honour them is to honour all those who continued and do continue on . . .

  8. I thought the purpose of Uni is to teach our kids how to think, not what to think! Shame on you Murdoch University.

  9. Very sad to hear the above story! This all comes back to way our Governments are! They are letting these left wing socialists say and do anything! That stupid Dr, knocking our ANZACS is a complete demonstration of the LEFTS attitude towards Australia! We need a PM with balls and we wont get that in both parties it seems.

  10. I live in public housing now because i developed an anxiety disorder as i apparently had a pre disposition because dad served in 5rar first tour of vietnam. I have to listen to women and children being abused and when i speak up I get bashed by the aboriginals, ignored by Police whom have charged and convicted me without proper access to legal advice or representation. I have the evidence of serious corruption in our government / Police and legal system, the rule of law has been usurped by populous propaganda.The state coroners court is the only place left to get heard. This country is no longer ruled by laws and privilege is assigned to one religion. God,Duty, Country. Since there is no one to defend my human rights and my father is a “baby killer” (as i saw him and fellow vetrans often called this as a child and given our fathers are models for God, about time to get some natural justice as the same gutless politicians are in power)might as well get some pre emptive non aggression in defence of honor, integrity and show valor as a selfless act of self defence for my right to defend my God and to do my Duty to protect my Country.

  11. Kevin O’Halloran says

    ANZAC Day is of course about our past, it is also about our history, but more importantly it’s actually about our future. Because a country that does not acknowledge where it comes from or cannot really understand its history is doomed as a nation.