Angus Sim

Thanks to everyone who completed the DVACS 2016.  I have included open ended responses so everyone can read the comments […]

Article by Ian McPhedran   RENEGADE ride sharing firm Uber will partner with military veterans under a unique deal to […]

6th Battalion to Exercise Freedom of the City The 6th Battalion will conduct an Exercising of the Freedom of Entry to the City of Brisbane commencing at […]

Not so long ago I was privileged to observe young soldiers of the space age training for war.  They impressed […]

Hi my name is Angus Sim and by now I am sure most of you who come across this fund […]

The study of military history forms a critical part of the Army’s learning cycle. A gv publishing the work of […]

James Cook University will become part of the Army Tertiary Education Program, enabling Australian Defence Force personnel’s Royal Military College […]

Absent at Roll Call There was no answer when his name was called at roll today A comrade who was […]

Jimmy Bourke, True Blue (RAR-AATTV) Did you ever meet a bloke so full of life? Always with a huge grin, […]

A Resounding success!!! Dear All, PTSD15 was an absolute resounding success. I could never have dreamed it would make such […]