Bringing home and sending off Joel Clifo

This is not something we wanted to do but unfortunately in these sad times we need to call on ours and Joel’s loved ones with helping with the costs to bring him back home to the country that he spent many years defending, and giving him a send off only a true champion deserves!

This would not have been what Joel would have wanted, a very proud man who worked hard to become the self sufficient, help anyone in need, loveable person we are all missing and grieving for today.

A son, a brother, a soldier, a boxer, a coach, a mentor,  a friend and true success in his own right and we want to send him out in the best way we can. Please do not feel obligated and we appreciate any help given and any funds that are not used will be donated to mates4mates a cause close to Joel.

Joel, a veteran from 8/9 RAR has recently passed whilst overseas on holidays.  His friends are reaching out for financial support in getting his body back and funeral arrangements. The link to a GoFundMe page if you could share or if there’s anything you could do to help?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.