British PM creates new Office for Veterans’ Affairs to provide lifelong support to military personnel

Boris Johnson will announce that he has appointed Oliver Dowden as Minister representing veterans in Cabinet during a visit to a military base in Scotland today (29 July 2019).

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This is the first time that veterans’ affairs will be overseen by dedicated ministers in the Cabinet Office to ensure the whole of government pulls together to deliver the life-long support our veterans deserve.

The newly created Office for Veterans’ Affairs inside the Cabinet Office will be staffed by officials from the Cabinet Office and Ministry of Defence (and others as necessary). The best experts from across Whitehall will now be working together in the Cabinet Office hub on an holistic approach to veterans’ affairs.


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  1. Peter Beauchamp OAM says

    I am an Australian Advocate working for Veterans in Australia for the RSL, your British Legion I have represented a number of British Veterans over my time and one thing i find appalling is the rank structure in compensation. The fact that known medical knowledge of conditions and causes are not addressed as our SOP’s do i feel that if members of the Defense force especially Senior Ranks as part of the system will be counter productive to a fair system of compensation. It has been demonstrated here in Australia recently in investigative commissions where Senior ranking Service officers said this could never happen knowing full well that they were investigative of these conditions.I feel that this is a right move but look at the Australian system to better serve these courageous members of the Defense force who do as told and are never recognized by the members of the Government.