Carer Allowance – Important Information

Are you a carer? Have you received a request from Centrelink asking for details of your income? From 20 September 2018, the Government introduced an income test for Carer Allowance, which is paid by the Department of Human Services (DHS) through Centrelink. As a result, recipients of this payment must now have an income under the income test limit (currently $250,000 for individuals and couples).

Recipients of DVA income support payments, such as the Service Pension, Veteran Payment and Age Pension, will automatically meet the new income test requirements. However, DHS has advised that it has already issued letters to Carer Allowance recipients, some of whom may be DVA income support recipients, requesting they complete the Carer Allowance adjusted taxable income details form.

If you have received a letter requesting your income details and would like more information, or an extension of time to respond, you can contact Centrelink’s Carers Line or the new Carer Gateway.

Centerlink Carers Line: 132 717
Website: Carer Gateway

DVA is working with DHS to address veteran community concerns as a matter of urgency.


  1. Desley King says

    You can never pay carers enough for their ongoing service in assisting and caring for those veterans who need a carer. Our service is 24/7, no leave, no weekends and no help in covering our costs with medical problems we may suffer. The abuse, wither verbal or physical from those we love is pardoned and excused due to their PTSD so although their war ended over 45 yrs ago, our war still rages at home. You do not pay us enough yet to dare to look into the finances of those who do your dirty work for you, who clean up the mess of shattered minds and lives and who do it silently and with broken spirits because our war is within the walls of our home. Shame on you.