In a TV interview with Alan Jones, Army and RAR veteran Justin Huggett MG opines, “You can either have a […]

The ‘Army in Motion’ philosophy necessitates a force that is continuously adapting to an ever-changing environment.Read more This article is […]

The Army Officer Cadet School at Portsea is trying to track down all of the 3544 officers who graduated across […]

DVA held a National Commemorative Service to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Operation Hammersley.18 February 2020 On 18 February 2020, […]

THE investigation into alleged war crimes by Australian special forces soldiers in Afghanistan has taken an interminable time with no […]

Facts from the Aust and Malaysian Governments’ records prove that RCB’s operational deployment (1970-1989) to protect the RAAF assets at […]

This is an Update on activities reported in Update 2/2019 Legal Conference Arising from the telephone conference meeting with our barrister […]

THEY are the images of war never before made public: candid snaps of young men behind enemy lines, ­captured by […]

It is easy to write of an old soldier such as Ron Perkins who demonstrated strong qualities of life including […]

Last week The Bulletin received an email to senior army officers suggesting soldiers caught making hand gestures or symbols associated with […]