MAJOR Charles McMoran Wilson MC (later Lord Moran) was a multi-decorated World War I British Army medical officer who served in France with an infantry battalion, and later a base hospital.  After his return to the UK in 1919 he read in The Times of a Royal Commission into shell shock.  He was appalled that none of […]

Further to our last Update I can report that the Tribunal is nearing the Hearing date. You can see The Tribunal’s terms of reference here and submissions to date here. Of specific interest is the Defence Submission dated 6 July Submission 096 – Chief of the Defence Force on behalf of Defence but not presented publicly until 31 July and our Response dated 23 […]

Source: BEN PACKHAM The Australian Newspaper’s Foreign Affairs & Defence Correspondent – September 13, 2022 Defence has avoided an inquiry into the accountability of senior commanders for war crimes ­despite the findings of an independent panel, which said it failed to face up to its “corporate responsibility” for the murders of Afghan civilians and prisoners identified in […]

Should Defence press ahead with its investments in next-generation land combat capability or is it time to reallocate resources elsewhere to reflect changes in modern warfighting? Last month, the Albanese government  launched the Defence Strategic Review, touted as the largest assessment of the Australian Defence Force’s structure, force posture and ­preparedness in 35 years. According to […]

CARELESS commentators lacking the ruthless scrutiny of a sub-editor’s pencil are wont to describe mass casualty ADF incidents as the “worst peacetime military accident ..since…” Townsville has tragic connections with three of the worst Australian Defence Force peacetime air disasters, two anniversaries of which seemed to have arrived almost unnoticed. READ MORE

CHARLES McMoran Wilson enlisted in the Royal Army Medical Corps as a 32- year-old specialist physician on the declaration of war in August 1914. As 1Bn Royal Fusiliers RMO until 1917, then senior medical officer at a large hospital at Boulogne, France he was intimately familiar with the multiple physical and mental injuries suffered by […]

Further to our last report dated 5th July 2022 you will recall the Defence Departments “late” submission and my exchange of correspondence with The Tribunal seeking a copy of the Defence submission. Defence has not yet given its approval for the Tribunal to release its submission. Given this inordinate delay I sent this email to DVA Minister […]

The RAR National Association’s President, Michael von Berg’s open letter to Adam Bandt in response to the Greens leader refusing to stand with the Australian flag has drawn great support not only from veterans but also supporters of veterans such as Gina Reinhart AO. Dear Michael, Congratulations on your letter to Adam Bandt.Your wise and powerful […]

Anthony Albanese was right to go to Ukraine – right morally, strategically, symbolically, politically. But his main work on security lies at home. And that must start soon.  Much more important than anything Albanese will do overseas are the decisions he and Defence Minister Richard Marles will make on actually acquiring military capabilities. The previous […]

This issue has seen a major outpouring of condemnation of the Greens Party Leader, from veterans many questioning if it was his own personal opinion alone or the policy of his Party. Here is the letter from retired Lt Col Greg Shannon to his Ryan electorate MP, Elizabeth Watson-Brown “Dear Ms Watson-Brown Firstly, congratulations on […]