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An open letter to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Defence Minister Richard Marles Dear Anthony and Richard, Congratulations on your […]

THE die is cast and Australia has a Labor government committed, in opposition at least, to making defence and veterans […]

26 Apr 2022|Ashley Townshend and Thomas Lonergan As Ukraine slowly turns the tide on Russia’s assault, Australian leaders must quickly heed the […]

As the uncertain but deeply ominous storm clouds of a global struggle for dominance gather again, there appears to be […]

JUST when you thought it was safe to leave the bunker, someone called an election.  This column tries to focus […]

PARDON me for wondering, but when was the ABC added to the ADF order of battle to act as moral […]

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Russia’s criminal despot pushes the world to the brink, playing an unpredictable, dangerous game. Plenty of questions as Stalin’s successor […]

ELEPHANTS have the longest gestation period of all mammals, 18 to 22 months before giving birth.  Actually, making an elephant […]

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