Current Operations

The XM25 has a range of roughly 2,300 feet – and is to be deployed in Afghanistan soon. I would […]

An Australian special forces soldier on his seventh tour of duty has been shot dead in Afghanistan while hunting an […]

Scientists have begun to understand the full impact bomb blasts have on the brains of those who live through them. […]

Dear Association members, I thought Id take a moment to thank you all for your ongoing support to 8/9 RAR, MTF 4 […]

From Evernote: Commander says Afghan job will soon be done | Herald Sun Clipped from: Diggers will be able […]

It has been a long journey and we have covered much ground. As you well know, our role in Afghanistan […]

This is a US video but its sentiments apply equally to our Aussie heroes who also have fallen in Afghanistan! AWESOME […]

From Evernote: Australian Marines to flex muscles | Clipped from: We’re following suit … US Marines from the […]

The Chairman of the RAR Corporation, Michael von Berg has offered his deepest sympathies to the family of Private Matthew […]

An Australian soldier participating in Exercise Talisman Sabre 2011 has been admitted to a Brisbane hospital after being seriously injured […]