Defence Minister

THE HON PETER DUTTON MPMINISTER FOR DEFENCE Mr Michael Van Berg MC OAMChair and National PresidentThe Royal Australian Regiment […]

Peter Dutton has insulated his ministerial office from interference by Defence, accepting only the bare minimum of departmental staff as […]

Full marks to new minister Peter Dutton for making a start on telling the truth about Australia’s defence mess by […]

This article is from the May 3 issue of The Courier Mail Digital Edition. Justin Huggett is a former Infantry […]

Peter Dutton has revealed the new focus for Australia’s troops that served in the Middle East with more threats on […]

Defence Minister Peter Dutton says the capacity which Australia’s defence force (ADF) brings to the Five Eyes nations, Quad partners, […]

Defence Minister Peter Dutton is absolutely right to assure our service men and women of the government’s overwhelming support and […]

Ben Packham The Australian Newspaper’s Foreign Affairs and Defence correspondent reports 8th April 2021. Peter Dutton says his top priority […]