AS the inimitable Sir Humphrey Appleby once opined, “Minister, two basic rules of government: Never look into anything you don’t […]

David Jamison adds more to his earlier comments . “My belief that the government has botched the Brereton report in […]

Close Collaboration with Welfare Coordination Cell- West Nick Coenen and his team have been doing a great job trying to […]

Australian special forces soldiers allegedly committed up to 39 murders and 19 current or former soldiers will face criminal investigation, […]

For the first time in the history of the Australian Special Air Service Regiment, and after much internal deliberation, a […]

If, as widely alleged in leaks and reports, investigators have drawn admissions that SAS members committed war crimes in Afghanistan, […]

Scott Morrison will set up a special prosecutor to deal with any Australian servicemen accused of war crimes in Afghanistan, with […]

Media coverage and public discussion of alleged breaches of the laws of war by Australian special forces is heavily focused […]

The Defence Force has asked an independent expert to examine cultural and leadership failings involving Australia’s special forces ahead of […]