George Mansford

There is no escaping the stark realities that the allegations of murder by our military during operations in Afghanistan will […]

SO SAD. Consequences will  be felt for a long time. In my view there was too much emphasis on Special […]

Great reunion with some of the old and wonderful bastxxds from days gone by after they flew into Cairns last week. […]

Remembrance Day is a proper and noble occasion to honour our fallen. However, there is an expectation future generation will […]

Don’t ask me when our nation took the wrong turn and we now find ourselves stumbling unprepared into tomorrow, trying […]

I was asked if I could provide some scribbles in regards the military spirit which embraces our beloved Royal Australian […]

                              No matter when or where, an invitation for a reunion of warriors creates magic warmth which spreads quickly and […]

The good news in regards the cursed virus is that its destructive impact has reminded us of many serious national […]

The sleeping dragon which our forefathers warned us about, is now wide awake, hungry and clearly on the prowl. To […]

In past weeks we have seen demonstrations cleverly orchestrated by a small trained army of agitators. Clearly there is a […]