FORMER British army major turned military historian Cyril Northcote Parkinson postulated in his most famous work, Parkinson’s Law, that “work […]

IT has been a watershed year for the ADF but perhaps one best forgotten, or at least parts of it. […]

David Jamison adds more to his earlier comments . “My belief that the government has botched the Brereton report in […]

“The RAAF have got into a spot of bother in Afghanistan and have asked us to do some contract flying,” […]

Australia faces many economic and strategic challenges in the decade ahead. I am confident Australia can meet these challenges, as we […]

“I have been following the public debate on the allegations that our soldiers have committed criminal acts whilst deployed on […]

GOOD morning. Welcome to Russell Offices staff indoctrination training for 2021. The most important word you will learn here today […]

The People’s Republic of China has tested Australia’s resolve over the last few weeks. Tariffs, toxic tweets and tough talk […]

The first half of my adult life was spent as a professional army officer—a Duntroon graduate in the Australian Intelligence […]

Threats to Australia are increasingly complex. As the Prime Minister warned us on 1 July at the launch of the […]