A new video contains the message “The Army of the future still needs you”. The British Army has launched a […]

Ukraine and Russia are both using drones during the war, but in different ways. Ukrainian forces are using about 1,000 […]

Occasionally politicians need to be reminded war comes at a human cost WARNING. This column contains language and descriptions which […]

Ex-service organisations from across the nation have met with the Australian Government today to throw their support behind efforts underway […]

Deepest sympathy and endless salutes for all who in troubled times waved a final farewell to loved ones bound for […]

Oh, how old soldiers remember past days with bayonet drill The shrieking orders; “on guard, thrust, parry, feint”“Go for the […]

Behind the loud calls of climate, gender and cancel-culture activists , many are finally beginning to hear the sound of […]

Australians aren’t used to a defence minister like Peter Dutton speaking to us like adults. When Defence Minister Peter Dutton […]

Australia’s most decorated war hero has delivered a scathing attack on the Australian Defence Force’s top brass for their “disgusting” […]

Peter Dutton has revealed the new focus for Australia’s troops that served in the Middle East with more threats on […]