Comment/Poem – Let’s Roll up Our Sleeves

It is 35 years since the last major dam was built, yet our population has been  increasing at an alarming rate since that time. Despite a history of droughts and flooding rain, our blinkered politicians are most reluctant to spend money on major water infrastructure.  They further reinforce public doubts on their competence when they commit eighty billions dollars plus to procure conventional submarines not ready for service before at least 25 years and given the rapid advances of science and technology it will be as comparing a tank to a three legged horse with lancer.  

Drought stricken farmers are still waiting for financial aid while we spend so much on foreign aid and give to an ever- hungry bulging treasury of the United Nations and Climate Change pirates.  

We have surrendered our intent for the future, time and time again, to minority groups who worship lizards and lung fish.  Two examples where politicians sacrificed our future needs to appease a noisy few were both the proposed Tully-Millstream hydro-electric and the Mary River projects. Both of which by now in times of need, would have been fully operational with abundance of water for irrigation, and providing significant clean energy for power and more effective flood mitigation in both regions.

Be there climate change or not, we need to be more positive and seek common and achievable goals which will enhance our ability to live with nature. We can harvest much more water. We can mitigate flooding.  We can reduce the severity of bush fires. We can provide more protection and refuge from cyclones, We can live with Mother Nature and use its tantrums to our benefit. We can set the example, and provide confidence, not fear, for those generations who will follow us.  

With more water infrastructures we will reduce the impact of nature’s tantrums as well as enhancing our natural environment. All of this and more can be achieved if our governments, both State and Federal remove the heavy blinkers, stop procrastinating and set a true course for our people to follow.  

One lesson from history is clear. Our treasured way of life is worth defending, no matter what the cost.  The failure to harness the products of nature’s wrath as well as its generosity could well result in poverty, discontent, disunity and empty pockets within our nation plus a third world category signpost just around the corner. The consequences could well contribute to the demise of our way of life, long before the arrival of very expensive ghost obsolete submarines to defend what used to be.

So stop the procrastination, roll up our sleeves, seize the steel, pour the cement, and toil for a bright and prosperous future.    GM December 2019

Poem – To Be or Not to Be

Mother Nature’s tantrums have always been part of our scene
Dry creeks, thirsty rivers and parched soil often seen
Cruel fires burning life, leaf, bark and dreams to ash are not new
Heavy rains turn dust to mud; rivers flood towns and pastures too 

Each disaster tests our nation’s strength, resilience, spirit and unity 
Mid danger, pain and stress, are brave and caring deeds for all to see
“She’ll be right mate;” “It could be worse;” “I’m OK, check next door”
“Can I help;” “Pass the hat around;” ‘‘Chip into help” and many more  

We must travel with nature’s flow and use its temper to survive the test Never dither or relent to a noisy idle few who claim to know best 
Create plans laced with bags of common sense, more than a few
Fear not obstacles; for unity, confidence and purpose will see us through

We want a Caesar of Caesars with positive intent and clear mission   
No more broken or distorted promises which sour our vision
To ensure resources needed to master rivers, should we dare
A leader to give our nation purpose, be it city, bush or anywhere

Ignore a teenage prophet casting spells from old playhouses far away
For survival, throw aside the UN’s heavy sly cloak and do it our way
Rid ourselves of the unknown, doubts and fears which burden all 
Gather our scattered visions and weld them together, once and for all

To create food for the table from what was barren land to see
Provide oases where past generations never dreamed could be
Tasks will not be easy and the final goal must never alter  
So roll up sleeves, seize the steel, pour the cement, and never falter  

     Let future generations prosper from our blood, sweat and tears 
To live with and benefit from tantrums of Nature, each and every year
No more doom and gloom, deeps sighs and shrugs of shoulders
We must be as one, seeking tomorrow, becoming wiser, stronger and bolder

                      Hail Caesar

George Mansford © November 2019