Commentary: Our Strategy In The Digital Battlespace

The no-fail mission of the Morrison Government is to protect Australia’s sovereignty and interests.

You and I know how major power competition, military modernisation, and rapid technological change are making our region less safe.

As these threats evolve there is a fundamental issue the Australian Defence Force (ADF) must deal with – how we use and protect data in the digital battlespace.

The language of data can be foreign, and the ideas hard to follow. But for the ADF, securing our data is critical to Australia’s digital sovereignty.

This week I launched the Defence Data Strategy.

I’ve been working closely with Defence on this Strategy for the past 8 months.

To fight alongside our allies, we need to be able to share critical mission and intelligence data securely and at speed.

To build sovereign capabilities in partnership with Australian Defence Industry, we need our intellectual property and data to be secure.

Our commanders and troops in the field, aircrew in the skies, and sailors on the sea will need access to fast and reliable data to win the fights of the future.

Our strategy is for the ADF to invest in the infrastructure and skills that we need for greater data security and efficiency.

Data may not be an exciting subject, but its impact on operations is significant. For example, our Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) maintenance teams are using data to increase the availability of the C-130 fleet by hundreds of days.

This application of data can be used across all ADF aviation fleets.

Building Defence’s data maturity across the force will position us to achieve a strategic advantage over our adversaries. We cannot be complacent. That’s why the Morrison Government is moving with vigour, shaping and defending our digital sovereignty.