CONTACT Newsletter 71

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  1. Another great Veteran passes on. Duty Done Duty First. The most professional Warrant Officer I have ever met.
    Warrant Officer Class One Dale Sale, what a man died suddenly recently. A man who was loved and respected by All,
    A man who should have been RSM-A but was not a yes man and due to an earlier heart problem was precluded.
    A member of 6 RAR 2nd Tour Vietnam
    RSM 1 RAR Somalia, with another GG Dave Hurley
    RSM 3 BDE with Cossy (sorry GG) during INTERFET
    and a great RSM at 49 Bn RQR.
    Dale didn’t want a funeral the persona of a no fuss man, but will have a memorial service 21 Jul 18.
    This happening tooo often for those who gave their ALL for this Country.
    Dale I will never forget you. RIP.
    Terry Bell