DFWA/ADSO Continues to call on the Government to include CSC into the Royal Commission INTO THE ROYAL COMMISSION INTO BANKING AND SUPERANNUATION

In a Media Statement released today (16th August 2018)  DFWA’s National President  Kel Ryan continues DFWA’s and ADSO’s call on the Turnbull Government to include CSC into the Royal Commission.






“The Government cannot hide for much longer.

The Senate has agreed a Motion that the Hayne Royal Commission be extended to include the Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation.

In a wide-ranging Motion Senator Anning (Queensland) identified that 6,800 submissions had been received but that the resources made available to the Commissioner does not allow them justice let alone a hearing. Commissioner Haynes simply does not have the resources or the personnel to ensure fairness and a hearing to those thousands of individuals who have been confronted by the tragedy being identified.

The Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse was extended to five years, had seven commissioners and heard from thousands of aggrieved individuals.

Prime Minister Turnbull needs to answer a simple question but is unable to or afraid to.

Why is the Government unwilling to extend the Royal Commission to include the Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation and give justice to those veterans who tragic stories need to be told?



  1. Michael Connolly says

    This Gov and previous Govs will and have done nothing about this matter. It started with them taking our pension money (compulsory before any super fund came into effect in Australia) and putting it into consolidated revenue so that they could squander it, and not pay any interest earned from our money (pension) and kept us on a paltry rate of increase. It is morally wrong, legally wrong and reprehensible.

  2. Steven Kennedy says

    My father who served with the SASR for 2 tours in Vietnam. Told me that the government would never allow the terms of reference to include CSC because then it would open up how the parliament members can retire so young and even continue to work while drawing a federal government pension. A can of worms they definitely don’t want out in public. Anyone agree with this or otherwise.