DVA Budget Paper: Comments

The RARA’s National President Michael von Berg comments that the DVA budget is overall a good result and in particular the RARA’s submission and concerns as to DVA clunky and unworkable full-time employment strategy imposed on DVA by Government of a ceiling of 1600 full-time employees and the rest 42% made up of contract labour hired through some 42 different employment agencies.

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“From the Budget Papers, you will note another 440 full-time staff have been allocated which hopefully will assist in the unacceptable claims back logs, which are creating mental health issues for both DVA staff and veterans and families. My view though is, that this outcome is still not enough FT employees based on their current workload. We will just need to see what productivity levels are achieved by measuring the KPI of claims processing lead time improvements in the next twelve months or so. We have some very supportive Defence and Veterans Ministers to be thankful for, who have been advocating this issue on our behalf.

   Also, see the advocacy for RAAFA firemen and women who have been badly affected over the years finally getting support. This issue has been on the ESORT agenda for as long as I have been there and it’s great to see the persistence of the RAAFA supported unanimously by the ESORT, finally getting a satisfactory outcome. 

Budgets will never please everyone but please rest assured we are still advocating on many other outstanding issues not addressed in this Budget which affect us all.”

Duty First