DVA Client Portal – Urgent Feedback Request – 15 June 2021

Dear All, 

From 1 July, all client online access to Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) services will be centralised under the “My Service” client portal. This is the result of work by DVA to merge the two separate client portals – called “My Account” and “My Service” into one single portal. This work is now complete and the “My Account” portal will be decommissioned by the end of the financial year.  

All users will now need to log in using your MyGov account – this is the same account that Centrelink uses for all Commonwealth services. You will need to link your MyService account into your MyGov account – and there is a helpful instructional video here to help you with this process. Further information about MyService can be found here

DVA is interested in hearing feedback on the impact these proposed changes might have for veterans, and so we would like to hear from members via email to our Veteran Services team on [email protected] before close of business this Thursday 17 June 2021.