DVA Client Satisfaction Survey 2019 Results

The Client Satisfaction Survey is a key tool for the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) to learn more about our clients’ experiences so we can improve the way we serve veterans and their families.

As part of DVA’s ongoing commitment to its transformation program, the Survey has moved to an annual activity, the most recent being in June and July 2019.

Results of the 2019 DVA Client Satisfaction Survey are presented in two key products:

Key Insights. The survey results show 84% of veterans are satisfied with DVA overall, a slight increase on 81% in 2018. While older veterans remain more positive about DVA’s service delivery compared to younger veterans, the satisfaction levels for veterans aged under 45 years has shown continuous improvement since 2016.

2019 Client Satisfaction Survey questions are also available:
2019 Survey Questions (PDF 400 KB)

2018 Client Satisfaction Survey Results

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