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Gold Cards for BCOF and BNT. As a result of a 2017–18 Budget measure, Gold Cards will be provided to both the surviving Australian participants of the British Nuclear Test (BNT) program in Australia, and Australian veterans who served as part of the British Commonwealth Occupation Force (BCOF) during the occupation of Japan immediately following the Second World War.

70 years of international peacekeeping.  In September this year, a National Service of Commemoration will be held in Canberra to mark 70 years of Australia’s involvement in international peacekeeping.


  1. I served in SVN between Aug 1967 and 1968. As part of my time in country I was a member of IARU INFANTRY. Later in the year I was incorporated into the Mobile Advisory Teams (MAT’S). We where stationed in groups of 4 personal . My group where located in a small Popular Forces Compound of Lo-Gom. Another group were located in a small village of Hoi-Me. My group consisting of four personal Sgt Kiwi Thurston, Pte Sid McLoud, Pte Bob Ryan and Pte Mick forgot last name. We were disbanded in January 1968 after all being wounded in a mine explosion outside our compound. Our Sgt was the worse wounded but as we were taken separately to hospital we have had no further contact between us.
    Question: I have never seen or heard any mention of the MATS TEAMS since my return from Viet-Nam has it ever been mention in any of your publications and can you say if any of the above personal are still alive Thank You.

  2. S. A Cobble says

    I have just read an article in the latest Vets paper re Video Chronicles,
    Australia’s Vietnam War, and was wondering if any of the 30 videos
    included members of the Royal Australian Navy Helicopter Flight Vietnam 1967-1971, it seems very little is known about them and yet they served with distinction along with American personnel of the 135th Assault Helicopter Company during this time.

    Thank you for articles.
    S.A Cobble