Farewell A Soldier True Blue

It is a very sad time for our nation with the loss of such an outstanding leader as our recent Governor General of Australia, General Michael Jeffery.  From his time as a young recruit when he took the oath to serve his country, to the last days of his journey in life, there have been large footprints of sound leadership, so visible and so permanent left behind. 

 He was an exceptional leader who had the ability of understanding the weaknesses and strengths of young war weary soldiers on the battlefield

Later in wearing the mantle of State and National Governorship, he and his wife, Marlena, in times of strife,  were so often  visiting here there and everywhere. Listening, then laughing with the humour, or sharing the grief and pain.

There are many pages which record his life and deeds and will when published, prove a sound model for our youth to read and emulate.

As old soldiers, we were just part of the beginning, and a memorable one it was.

He was our leader, commander, comrade and as the years passed, was  to be proudly called our Big Boss. 

So many other old soldiers, scattered far and wide, will not be there to say hooroo.  Thus a few words of farewell now to a beloved leader from all his comrades in other places, no matter where.     

Vale Major General the Honourable Michael Jeffery AC AO (Mil) CVO MC

                                 Duty First —-  The Royal Australian Regiment

                                Who Dares Wins —- The Special Air Service Regiment

                               To Find a Path —-  The Pacific Island Regiment

             Our Big Boss—- General Michael Jeffery 

Can you hear the echoes of the distant tramp of soldiers’ feet?
From the column’s march through a troubled, darkened, angry street.
Do you remember our young Caesar, as he was at that time?
A trusted, devoted and much-loved determined leader; yours and mine

Then was the day he became our nations guiding light and to be loved by all Be it the master of a castle, or the owners of a bark hut, big or small
From the smallest of country towns to the Big Smoke and its busy malls
His arrival often signaled marching bands to Gidday and Cooee calls

He spoke with Kings and Queens and still had time to pat the swagman’s dog
So many times, he lifted spirits, be it from an office chair or a burnt charred log.
Always were the dreams he shared for our beloved nation’s tomorrow
Yet never forgetful of our brave yesterdays and terrible sorrows.

Now he’s with our ghost column, forever marching on country roads and city streets,
Leaving a legacy of faith and trust for all challenges, which soon or late our people meet. 
Our nation mourns, and forever thankful, for his duty done in peace and terrible din.
A true-blue patriot leaves us a final call; “to stay united and with purpose, always win.”

George Mansford – December 2020