Gloucester Cup

The Gloucester Cup is the common name for three awards of the Australian Defence Force. Formally referred to as the Duke of Gloucester’s Cup, the three awards are presented to the most proficient infantry battalion of the Australian Army, ship of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN), and squadron of the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) during the previous year. The awards were created by Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester in 1946, while he was serving as the Governor-General of Australia, and were first presented in 1947.

6 RAR winning section 2018

The regular infantry battalions of the Royal Australian Regiment compete against each other for the Gloucester Cup in an annual military skills competition. To compete for the Gloucester Cup, each infantry battalion sends a team to the Lone Pine Barracks at Singleton. These teams participate in a five-day competition demonstrating their training and endurance, from which the winning battalion is determined.  First held in 1947 between the Australian battalions then in Japan as part of the British Commonwealth Occupation Force, the inaugural cup was awarded to 67th Australian Infantry Battalion (now the 3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment). Between 1951 and 1971 the competition was not held due to operational commitments. Competition recommenced on a regular basis between 1972 and 1998; however, was again ceased as a result of operations in East Timor. The competition recommenced in 2003.

Royal Australian Regiment recipient of the Duke of Gloucester Cup

Year earnedWinner
194667th Bn
194767th Bn
19483 RAR
19493 RAR
19503 RAR
19746 RAR
19756 RAR
19765/7 RAR
19775/7 RAR
19786 RAR
19796 RAR
19812/4 RAR
19826 RAR
19838/9 RAR
19846 RAR
19856 RAR
19861 RAR
19871 RAR
19883 RAR
19898/9 RAR
19901 RAR
19916 RAR
19926 RAR
19932/4 RAR
19941 RAR
19953 RAR
19962 RAR
19971 RAR
19983 RAR
19991 RAR
20031 RAR
20041 RAR
20051 RAR
20072 RAR
20086 RAR
20092 RAR
20103 RAR
20113 RAR
20122 RAR
20132 RAR
20146 RAR
20151 RAR
20163 RAR
20172 RAR
20186 RAR
20192 RAR

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