Joint Media Release – Support for our Veterans and their Families

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 “The Coalition will boost support for veterans and their   families as part of a $63.2 million suite of initiatives to   create Veterans’ Wellbeing Centres across the country,   deliver job opportunities and secure health and housing   services for the future.
 We will invest $30 million in a network of six new   Veterans’ Wellbeing Centres that will bring together the   key services for our veterans and their families.
The new Centres will integrate government and non-government support for Australians who have served in our Defence Forces with local health services community organisations, advocacy and wellbeing support. They will partner with ex-service organisations and state and territory governments across Australia.

Our government has a strong track record delivering services and support to our veterans and their families. We understand the role that ex-service organisations play in supporting veterans after their service has concluded.
In order to support them to deliver those services, we want to help more organisations find more veterans meaningful civilian jobs. That’s why we will also invest $16.2 million to support organisations including Soldier On, Team Rubicon and State Branches of the RSL. Along with other ex-service organisations, these groups will also be able to use the new Veterans’ Wellbeing Centres to deliver their services.

We know how important exercise physiology and physiotherapy are for Totally and Permanently Incapacitated (TPI) veterans so we will deliver an extra $17 million to exempt them from the new ‘Treatment Cycle’ requirements that were due to commence on 1 July 2019, allowing TPI veterans to continue to access these important allied health services under existing arrangements.

A re-elected Morrison Government will also make it easier for veterans to access the Defence Home Ownership Assistance Scheme. We will extend the time for eligible veterans to access the program from two to five years after they complete their ADF service. This will allow veterans and their families more time to settle their affairs and find a home once their service has been completed.
We will also extend eligibility to the Defence Service Homes Insurance Scheme to allow any current or former ADF member who has at least one day of service to access home building insurance through the Scheme. That means veterans can access more competitively priced home building insurance, particularly in disaster prone areas, which will lower the cost of living for veterans and their families, particularly in northern Australia.

The Coalition has introduced legislation to create an Australian Veterans’ Covenant, which, in partnership with the ex-service community, will formally recognise the unique nature of military service and acknowledge and honour the service and sacrifice of our service personnel.

We also understand it is important our veterans are appropriately recognised by the community and businesses, even when they’re not wearing their medals and uniforms. That’s why we’ve launched the Australian Veterans’ Card and Lapel Pin, so veterans can be appropriately recognised, including by businesses who want to offer special discounts and offers to veterans.

The Coalition’s plan to put our veterans and their families first builds on an extensive record of support for veterans:
 – The record $11 billion we deliver to support 280,000 veterans and their families each year
 – Extending access to the DVA Gold Card for civilian medical teams in the Vietnam War
 – $500 million we’ve committed to reform the Department of Veterans Affairs to better meet the needs of veterans and their families
 – $100 million we invested in the Sir John Monash Centre in France
 – $498 million committed over the next nine years to redevelop the Australian War Memorial and allow the Memorial to display more of their collection and proudly tell the stories from recent years in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Solomon Islands and East Timor.
 – Delivering our $1.4 billion in fairer indexation for military superannuants.
 – Supporting Kookaburra Kids to help the children of veterans affected by mental illness.
 – Cutting waiting times for claims through the Department and streamlining the process through the new MyService system

Only the Coalition can be trusted to deliver for veterans and their families.”

Wednesday 24 April 2019


  1. alexander robinson says

    Why is this site running ads for the coalition.

  2. Michael King says

    I’m an Veteran & Returned Serviceman with Aboriginal Heritage.
    I quite disappointed that both Demographics equate to a similar Percentage of the Population, but a vast difference in Spend on both.
    Now the LNP state that $11 Billion is spent Annually on the Veteran Community yet 3 times that amount is spent on Indigenous Population.
    Nothing against my Mob, Many proudly Served & many issues need to be addressed in our Indigenous Communities, but imagine if the Government of the Day Spent just over $30 Billion on Veterans annually how much better it would be for Veterans & especially their Families?
    Maybe the Government could then automatically issue Gold Cards to this with War Service, just a thought?

  3. Garry Muir says

    I don’t want to be a doubting Thomas, but, promises were meant to be broken (from the Phantom, a true Jungle saying). When all the Bullshit lies and so forth are finished and the next election after this one and they have delivered, then I might believe it.
    The Defence Force, Past, Present and Future are nothing more to these people than political footballs. Just after WWI, it was said, we sent them, we will mend them and look after them and they did to a large degree, however, that large degree has been whittled away to a minute degree. Now explain to me how they are looking after us, in the realm of the DFRDB debacle!!!! And why have the suicides of Vets not decreased? I rest my case.

  4. Colin V Alexander says

    All looks good as written and I hope the younger veterans and their families do see some benefit. However, As an aged and widowed veteran living overseas, people such as myself are denied entitlements and benefits otherwise available if we stayed in Australia. These include financial support benefits from the Commonwealth while others from companies truly respecting veterans for their Service and State governments are obviously no longer accessible. Being able to access entitlements and benefits is one thing while opportunities to live a meaningful life do not arise by simply staying in one’s home country. My personal issue is that being denied entitlements and benefits because I live overseas is combined with significant losses due to the unconscionable “Commutation” definition applied to my DFRDB superannuation. Regardless some Members may have been advised of the outcome should they take up the offer of what was marketed as a “benefit” (not a lifetime debt) it was and remains an unconscionable act. It should never have even been a considered proposal. It does in fact deny me the dignity promised when I was moved (without options) from DFRB to DFRDB.

  5. Desley King says

    I have looked after the health both mental and physical of my husband for over 30 years during which time my physical and mental well being has been ignored and as we are on a TPI pension we cannot afford things like cataract removal, dental, x-rays, psychiatric visits (I mean really, they think 5 visits is enough??) or anything that requires a specialist. We are supposed to wait til our husbands die before we get help but lets face it, they are better off if we are well than die from complications that we can’t afford to get fixed. I believe if you are a carer for more than 10 years then you should be able to get a Gold Card for the spouse as a way of thanks for calming those black dog days and nights, let alone helping with physical problems the veterans may have, we matter too!