Korean War July 2021

Dear Korea Veterans, Families and Supporters,
I hope you are keeping well and looking forward to the Korea Veterans Day – July 27.

However sad it is, I feel I am obliged to notify the passing of the Korea Veterans.
I became aware over the years that it is an important farewell for them and the surviving veterans.
And Some may scratch off the names off their mind with their final respect.:

Genelle – Daughter of Kevin Thomas sent in the information:
‘Passing of Vince Gilligan, back in October 2016. His wife, Fay, passed three days after him.’
Included with the message were local news clips of their passing and the story – ‘Formidable team’: Veteran Vince Gilligan and wife Fay die after 67 years of marriage.
 Vince served in Korea with  Australian Forces in Korea, Visitors Section and 3RAR in 1951-1952.

Daughter of Harry Pooley sent in the information:
‘Barbara Schunemann rang for Dad yesterday about the passing of her husband Edward (Curly) Schunemann on June 20, 2021 and she wanted to let someone in the KVA know about this…’:
18 Jun 1931 – 20 June 2021 (aged 90)
Korea    3RAR    19 Oct 1951 – 29 Oct 1952


I also would like to include a message from Hannah Kim of USA Remember 727:
It is about a Worldwide Photo Essay and Video Contest invitation.
(I attach a photo I am considering and a photo I asked my past Korean Society president to consider – Our UK member Norman Ralfe (Rip 2018 ) being ushered into to the memorial service in 2016 by Wife of E Kim (Rip 2020).

I am sure her message is that  Contest / Winning is less important than the participation.
Hannah Kim has traveled the world to personally thank Korea veterans

Kindest regards,
Yang Kim
Secretary, AQKV (Association of QLD Korea Veterans)
[email protected]

Hannah Kim of USA Remember 727:

Korean War: Worldwide Photo Essay and Video Contest. (You can enter too! Simply submit a photo with an essay up to 300 words.)

My vision for the Contest is to reach as many (especially young people) to learn about the Korean War and compel them to think about what we can do to honor the veterans and usher peace. Your support is crucial to our success! 
We have one week left before the submission deadline; I hope each of you can personally recruit at least 5 people to enter the Contest! And of-course promote it via email and social media.

 I’m attaching a flyer for you to share, as well as this Press Release.
Thank you from the bottom of my grateful heart.

Hannah Kim

Korean War: Worldwide Photo Essay and Video Contest 

Submit by July 17 at www.Remember727.com

Participate in the Korean War: Worldwide Photo Essay and Video Contest and join a worldwide effort to honor Korean War veterans (many of whom are passing away) and hope for peace on the Korean Peninsula through your photos and videos. 

Suggestions: Visit a nearby Korean War memorial/museum, interview a Korean War veteran, divided families members, or (grand)parents who experienced the war. Share your thoughts on peace between North and South Korea.

·  Submit a photo (w/ a caption up to 250 words) or short video (song, film, narration up to 5 min.)

·  Public and Judges voting period from July 18-July 25 

·  Winners will be announced via a virtual ceremony on July 27, 2021 (anniversary of the Korean War armistice) 

$10,000 in Prizes: $2000 for Grand Prize, $1000 for Runner-ups (in English and Korean) $500 for each of the following Categories for 18+ and $250 for 18 and younger: 1) Best Overall, 2) Best photo, 3) Best caption, 4) Most popular 

Visit www.Remember727.com to enter or for more information.