Media Release – Labor’s Plan for our ADF Personnel and Veterans

Labor has launched its comprehensive plan for ADF Personnel  and Veterans today, which solidifies our commitment to our current and ex-service personnel and their families.

 In the past three years, Labor has announced a number of policies which will overwhelmingly support both current serving personnel, as well as veterans and their families.

Today, we launch Labor’s Plan for our ADF Personnel and Veterans which includes 22 policies that will directly support current and ex-serving members and their families.

It also acknowledges our military legacy and once again expresses our gratitude for all current service and ex-service personnel for the sacrifices they make.

Labor has long said if there is more we can be doing to support our veterans, we should be doing it.

Labor will support our veterans through our comprehensive $121 million Veterans’ Employment Package – assisting those from military to civilian life.

We will also support our ADF personnel and their families through our National Family Engagement and Support Strategy and we are committed to ensuring DVA remains as a standalone department.

As the largest garrison town in Australia, Labor is announcing this plan in Townsville, acknowledging the pride of place this town has with the ADF and our veteran personnel.

There are nearly 6,000 DVA clients in Townsville who access support and services. That is why Labor has announced $5 million of funding towards Townsville Oasis – a veterans hub dedicated to providing the best care possible.

There is no doubt that our ADF is a unlike other workplaces, with ADF members not able to directly negotiate their wages and conditions with their employer.

Labor will ensure that ADF members’ views are represented at both the Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal and to the government by providing the Defence Force Welfare Association with $100,000 per annum to ensure our ADF members have an advocate.

Labor is committed to giving our veterans the best possible support with policies which provide tangible outcomes.

One of the most important and urgent ways we can give weight and meaning to Lest We Forget is to ensure our veterans and their families receive the support and respect they deserve.

Labor is proud to deliver this significant investment to better support our current serving members, veterans and their families.

A list of Labor’s veterans policies can be found here.

9 May 2019


  1. Jim Sturla says

    What a load of crap and for this we should be grateful. Bill Shorten this so called policy does nothing to make me want to vote Labor, might as well stay with the “devil’ we know. Address all the other issues first.

  2. I might vote Labor … when they move me to Townsville to enjoy the benefits

  3. Robert Swann says

    When will you change the indexing of ADF/ DVA pensions to bring them into line with other pensions and change the current DVA pensions to correct the years of being indexed behind other pensions.

    If you don’t increase the ADF/ DVA pension indexing, at least reduce the politicians pensions to be the same as ADF/ DVA pensions as politician pensions should never exceed the pensions of Veterans.

  4. When are they going to give a pay rise instead of all the promises, when are they going to help the homeless veterans, instead of giving themselves a pay rise every year, for which they are not worth it, any one that trusts Shorten must have rocks in there heads. They make all these promises but have never delivered. Why cant the veterans get the same deal that refugees receive, i thought that having more than one wife was bigamy, if an Australian did that they would be jailed.

  5. Maurie Young says

    That told me SFA! They didn’t even mention the review into the DFRDB scheme and yet they have stated they support the LNP for an urgent enquiry; mmmmmmm!

  6. Wally Schiel says

    What is your policy on the DFRDB & Commutation debacle that we have been fighting now for many years? There are some 55,000 ex service personnel affected by this.

  7. Jim Cruickshank says

    Where were you from 1965 onwards , the vietnam years.

  8. John Lyddiard says

    Really, the so called initatives really amount to zero for Veterans on white , gold cards or TPI. They are promises to look into something or investigate something and/or upgrade monuments means very little to veterans on disability, there is no improvement in funding for day to day living for such veterans. In some cases pensions goe up, whilst compensation payments go down.

  9. Money on memorial’s, money on the Kakoda track, big deal. Feel good for the Aust ppl but does NOTHING for veterans. Fluff. Fair indexation of pensions, money into suicide prevention – that would be serious stuff.