Memo to the RAR Family: The Royal Australian Regiment Bibliography

This Bibliography is an essential project to ensure that the history of the Regiment is preserved in perpetuity. Lt Col Russell Linwood, ASM (retd) has done an amazing job in compiling this bibliography which is attached and as you can see the Regiments history is only as good as the information that has been forthcoming, and we need more.

The RAR is a young Regiment (1948) by world military standards, with a history of operations, peacekeeping, observer, and protective duties which is admired throughout the world and we need to ensure that that history is preserved, long after we are all gone

My simple request is that if anyone goes through the attached list and you are aware of something that is missing, please get in touch with Russell, who can advise you whether it is contained elsewhere on the bibliography and if not it should be included.

You can contact Russell on
0403 544 866 or at
[email protected]

I encourage the RAR Family to give their support. It is your history, and we all have a duty to preserve it as best we can.

Michael von Berg MC OAM

Chair and National President