Need for Constructive Dialogue and Not ill-considered and inaccurate criticism of DVA

The RARA supports DFWA’s concern at the recent ill-considered and often inaccurate criticism of DVA by some in the media and on social media platforms.

Commentary borders at times on crass enthusiasm for a story and less about the care of veterans. DVA and its staff in recent years has performed remarkably well in coming to grips with the many and varied challenges they are facing.

Whether it is veteran suicide, which is surely a national problem, veteran homelessness, the transition of individuals from the ADF to civilian life, the availability of psychological support, veteran employment or the myriad of other services it provides the leadership and staff of DVA are responding positively.

READ DFWA’s Media Statement here


  1. To some degree I must agree with Bernard Baruchs statement re getting all the facts, however in light of the fact that getting all the facts is nigh on impossible we must be guided by results which for many have not been perhaps what they might have wanted…

  2. Sydney Ellis says

    I have been a ‘client’ of DVA for a very long time. The only criticism I have is a personal one against their policy. And it is a good policy. I live in Philippines and cannot access the complete DVA medical benefits. But I accept that and can say that I am completely satisfied with the many years I have been covered by DVA.