Opening of 2RAR Display – Vietnam Veterans Association of Australian National Museum

Notice from Gordon W. Hurford, AM, Secretary 2 RAR Association, Inc
The 2RAR display at the VVAA National Museum has, over the last few months, been radically upgraded.  The work was done by Max Ingles and Noel Rumsey with some assistance from Allan Roberts in the early stages of the project.

The centre photographic display is of three soldiers of 11Pl D Coy first tour (namely, Dennis Enright, Harry Leggett and Stan Radomi).  This photo was taken seconds before a misfired rocket ploughed into D Coy.  Radomi was killed, Leggett and Enright  were wounded.  Enright passed away about three months ago and Harry is the last one standing (no pun intended).

Our President, Leo Van De Kamp will open the display on Tuesday 21st November at 11.30am at the Museum on Phillip Island VIC.

All members of the Association are welcome.  The entrance charge will be paid by the Association and a serve-yourself morning tea will be available prior to the opening.

“Second to None”

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