Opinion – A pox on ADF’s PC stance

It’s now considered too dangerous for bodies of uniformed personnel to march at dawn service.
Australians gather each Anzac Day dawn to commemorate those who fell, not to express concern about those who might now merely stumble.



  1. Mick Shave says

    This is a storm in a tea cup. Where or what is the actual problem?

  2. Jim Sturla says

    I believe that these sailors are just as brave as those original ANZACS.
    We should not hold them responsible for a decision made by a wimp in high office who is more interested in self protection than morale or tradition.
    My empathy is towards those ordinary seamen as much as i hate and reject the decision.

  3. Mick Moran says

    My fear is that it will be the Lower and Middle Ranks of the RAN who will wear the back lash and have to explain their Senior Commanders stupid and ill thought out decisions.

  4. Ian Wing says

    I just read the article and as far as I can see this is about not marching as a formed body to the Dawn Service – but people are still expected to attend the service. The article isn’t about the ANZAC Day March itself. I never miss the Dawn Service but we don’t actually “march” to it. We normally wear a suit with medals and turn up in the dark, just before it starts. As far as I know the RAN will still be marching in the parade later in the morning, along with the rest of the ADF. I don’t understand why some people are so outraged about this.

  5. Garry Cooper says

    I don’t believe this has anything to do with Defence having our welfare at heart. It all started with their concern that there would be retaliation for what happened in New Zealand, they are running scared and giving way to Islamic dominance.

  6. Sydney Ellis says

    It should be noted that the RAN Officer who made this decision was I believe a female who was instrumental in getting ADF members in the gay pride march.

  7. Jill Day says

    Disgusting !!!! What are we becoming. We always attend Anzac Day services and cannot believe that anyone would consider not having them. It’s birdering on treasonous!!!!,