Opinion – Campbell off to Poor Start

IF General Angus Campbell had hoped for a smooth transition to his well deserved new role an ill conceived decision has put paid to that.

Campbell is widely regarded as an outstanding candidate for the role, including by predecessor General Peter Cosgrove.

Campbell is a taciturn soldier who brings combat experience with a considered intellect to his role.

His appointment canvassed hope he would end the Morrison era ideological and social engineering nonsense which has so annoyed the majority of serving and ex-army veterans.



  1. First, as a fmr peacetime Div Weapon Locator, I acknowledge and repect your service past and present, likely conducted on active duty. You have my respect.
    My svc wasn’t anything special, 5.5 yrs at 131 mainly on the LP, which was quite arduous work, and important for higher planning ability.
    This is a no brainer for me, and I agree with David, Neil and Mr Campbell.
    Armed forces at all levels of oeganisational structure, are full of uniformity, symbolism, customs and traditions. These, are not what Mr Campbell has in his sights.
    The modern disrespectful, tactless, unprofessional, counterproductive “iconography of death” are done for. If you’re a combat soldier, gaining inspiration from s “scary skull” picture before going on patrol, then I’m glad I’m not with you..maybe you should discharge, get some taste, goto art school.
    Ask yourself this. Have you ever looked your unit up in a intelligence
    Resource for ORBAT and inventory etc found in the likes of Janes Defense Weekly?..if not, you should, so you understand the type of information about your unit is available to any mediocre enemy. Stick a big flaming skull on your shoulder patch, and bingo we have a match. Fact is any reasonable enemy will know who they are facing off with anyway. But your flaming skull makes it easier, ABD it motivates them. Why cause an enemy to single you out more than anu other, its counterproductive, gives them the initiative and motivator.
    This part will be controversial, but it hits home anotger point. As unfortunate as it was, but when the British arny musician was killed outside his barracks. My thoughts were “fair play”, I would have waited until no LoS and garrotted him.
    When you’re out and about wearing your latest “dungeons and dragons I’m a digger after any nigger” windcheater. You represent exactly the target I’d go for. You’ve identified yourself, your sub unit, your mindset, abd you’ve motivated me to strangle you…you stand out amongst my enemy.
    Remember, when not allowing for someones dignity, when dead or alive, erodes yours also.
    No warrior needs cheap tricks to try and intimidate their foe. That’s the role of PhsyOps. Besides, Australian warriors already possess the most powerful phsycological combat edge, and that’s reputation, displayed by the uniform and National flag upon it. Don’t erode tge reputation, it’s yours on loan only.

    Cheers, Luds

  2. Crackles says

    I had to look up what “arrogant hubris” meant. I also notice our mates at the ABC agree with his views and that they don’t want our infantry to become a “death cult”. Left wing, “intellectual” rubbish.

  3. David Hudson says

    He is well known as taciturn and certainly mindful of when he speaks and what he says. He is also the person with the peak responsibility for defence force culture and how the force is perceived. The responses to date have often been a tad sad in terms of disrespect for his track record and his role. This is yet another example of a ‘debate’ fueled by social media but a tad remiss on real understanding.

  4. Its not “political correctness” to preserve professional standards.
    People have to stop relying on inaccurate, biased or sensationalist media “stories” before rushing to the keyboard.

    See https://www.ada.asn.au/commentary/letters-to-the-editor/justified-army-crackdown-on-unprofessional-symbology-not-political-correctness.html