Opinion: Have we honoured our legacy?

That very special day each year we reflect on the great deeds and sacrifice of the Anzacs.  Their never bending spirits, love of country, sense of purpose, unity and faith in their dreams for tomorrow.

In that special silence, while reflecting on their sacrifice, we should ask “what have we done to preserve our once precious way of life?”

There is no easy answer given so many flaws; corruption, incompetence, broken promises, to name a few, by dithering and meek politicians. Some including me would sum it up as betrayal.

Today, we live in time of uncertainty, empty pockets, blinkered vision, a strangling of freed of speech plus a bankruptcy of moral courage as our proud history is slowly being distorted to one of shame.

Where is the rich legacy handed down to us, forged with blood, sweat and tears and a fierce national pride fuelled by faith, hope, deeds and unity? A torch it seems we are slowly surrendering to a noisy mindless minority which is hell bent on destroying previous values. Values which once we were prepared to protect and more than once, fight for.

George Mansford © April 2021

              Who are the chameleons with poison tongue?

Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me
Such wise words from yesterday use to be legal and free
Today stolen minds, sewn lips, broken pens, dry ink wells and strife,
O to dream of when we were as one, happy and contented with life

A time when youth tasted success from having a go
Not all won prizes, and victors had no magic wands to show
Respect, principles and knowledge won by sharp spurs again and again
So often we fell over, yet winners rose, despite the pain

Don’t challenge discrimination boards and being PC force fed
Some boldness may cause loss of tongue and a brain washed head
Never greet as “Ladies and Gentlemen” no matter where
Cos our space age language grows with many new gender to share

Humour is censored so it’s best not to laugh at jokes at any time
To avoid accusations of racism; never recite old nursey rhymes
Booing is if the player has white skin
Watch out, cheering only your team will soon be a sin

Disturbingly, there are green lights to bully those with religious belief
Why is our proud history distorted by lies, exaggerated past errors and grief?
Why are parents ignored when they question radical teaching in schools?
Has all our experience and expertise been cast aside by mischief minded fools?

Lost are cuddles in a classroom or playground for infants in strife
Remember when truth sparked from free minds was part our every day’s life?
Can anyone tell us the location of these dark, dangerous and miserable dens?
Where live masked faces with no names, twisted tongues and poisoned pens?
Why do our politicians turn blind eyes to such acts destroying our society?
Or is it our way of life is held in contempt, and we truly are no longer free? 

George Mansford © April 2021