Opinion – Who defines an extremist?

Last week The Bulletin received an email to senior army officers suggesting soldiers caught making hand gestures or symbols associated with racial hatred or white supremacists groups may have their service terminated.

The message in the email prohibited personnel from making such gestures or associating with organisations “contrary to army values”.A spokesman said the ADF didn’t condone behaviours or symbols linked to extremist ideologies. “Any ADF member found to be associated with extremist ideologies can expect to be investigated and will potentially face adverse administrative action,” the spokesman said.

Who defines “extremist ideologies”? 



  1. Kevin Hicks says

    Or in fact is the Christian wearing a cross at fault for an extremist s
    Ymbol against the atheist? WHo will determine this. And then when a supervising member of whatever rank is demanding of the duties assigned is it a extremist view when someone stands up and says “Jawoll Mein Fuhrer” (and I have said this in jest to someone barking orders at me) Is this an extremist gesture and offensive? Because we never used to think so.

  2. Barry Crews says

    And participating in activities such as the gay mardi gras in uniform is not a politically extremist act? Or is it that doing that is politically correct in the eyes of the marshmallows now running Defence?

  3. Maurie Young says

    So, if a soldier who is not a Christian (an Atheist for example) makes the sign of a cross towards another soldier, should he be labelled an extremist and therefore punished.