Opinion – Yamashita’s Shadow Falls on the ADF

If, as widely alleged in leaks and reports, investigators have drawn admissions that SAS members committed war crimes in Afghanistan, the offenders need to be punished to the full extent of the law. But what of their superiors? As Australia endorses the ‘Yamashita standard’ holding superiors responsible for their subordinates’ actions, equal justice demands the brass must also face a reckoning.


Author: Alistair Pope 11 November 2020 in Quadrant Online


  1. Allan Griffiths says

    I am disgusted and ashamed that these matters are being adjudicated on by the media. My father would turn in his grave as a long serving soldier who served in North Africa, Greece, PNG, Japan, Korea (Battle of Kapyong), Malaysia among other postings. He retired as a Captain in the SAS.
    These are matters for the CO’s of the day and must be dealt with by those that have a comprehension of what it is like to serve in an environment where even your trainees can be a lethal enemy. Give the politicians, desk commanders and journalists arms and training and send them to the front line to act in accordance with their own principles! Potentially a very high mortality rate?