Close Collaboration with Welfare Coordination Cell- West Nick Coenen and his team have been doing a great job trying to […]

Australia’s secret role in a forgotten border conflict in Borneo was kept hidden for decades. Now veterans and their families […]

“I have been following the public debate on the allegations that our soldiers have committed criminal acts whilst deployed on […]

ADF orders NVGs with augmented reality Some Australian Defence Force personnel will be equipped with new night-fighting capability that combines […]

GOOD morning. Welcome to Russell Offices staff indoctrination training for 2021. The most important word you will learn here today […]

Now is the time for a considered assessment of the findings of the Inspector General’s Report into alleged serious misconduct […]

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Whether it’s through your workplace, the community organisation you are part of, or simply on your own – with your […]

The first half of my adult life was spent as a professional army officer—a Duntroon graduate in the Australian Intelligence […]

Threats to Australia are increasingly complex. As the Prime Minister warned us on 1 July at the launch of the […]

Dear Korea Veterans, Families and Supporters,Today – Friday the 4th of December, AQKV – Association of QLD Korea Veterans is […]

This year is the fiftieth anniversary of the deployment of Australian Army troops to the Airbase at Butterworth in Malaysia. […]