Is there a ‘Placement Service’ for employment of ex ADF?

Director of Commercial Management & Procurement, Martin D’Cruz at Russell Offices, Canberra.

CONTACT Editor Brian Hartigan answers a reader’s enquiry on the government’s very topical veteran transition services and veteran employment initiatives.

READER QUESTION: Referring to “ADF transition services rolled out nationwide” for members and former member to civilian life, training etc. – my question is … Is there then a ‘Placement Service’ for employment of these ex members who are finding it difficult to find jobs? Is there such a register of potential employers looking for very skilled and intelligent enthusiastic employees?

There is a lot of training organisations out there, but at the end of the day, there is no connect to Job/Work Labour Hire organisations, very little opportunity of suitable employment.

I do know the government is trying to encourage employers to get onboard and a least give our former service members a fair go.

It is a tragic waste of such particular and special skills, either because potential employers are not aware – or they just do not have the opportunities to offer.

With your extended network I am hoping you might have some information in this regard.

Cheers, Chris Brown, OAM retd


Hi Chris.
Here are my thoughts….

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