RARA Bibliography Database as at 30 June 22

The RAR  bibliography records the known published and unpublished history of the Regiment since its formation in 1948. Here is the latest update from our RAR Registrar Russell Linwood

The prime source of material has been the Australian Army Journal where I have worked backwards to capture the 21st century deployments etc first. Now in 1999.

The bibliography is a dynamic work and will forever be a work in progress as we, with your help, identify material that we have not yet recorded. This is particularly so with the many electronic recordings and productions made for varied purposes for radio, TV, retail and home entertainment, etc.

To the RAR Associations we seek your help to identify material relevant to your Battalion.


  1. Excellent Work and a very big task indeed – Well Done, all involved.
    Owen Carlton
    Rats of Tobruk Project – 2008>>>>>>

  2. Mick Shave says

    Damned good