The current bush fires throughout Australia, in particular the current and it would appear the continuing devastation in Queensland and New South Wales in particular is a national tragedy.

We the RARA National Association are here to support in whatever way we can within our limited resources.  Many of our individual members are involved with those fighting the fires and in support to welfare organisations while others and their families may be in the fire path.

The important issue at this stage is for our members, the Battalion and State Associations to reach out to their RARA family to see if there is anyone that has been caught in this, to see if they are OK and most importantly, they are personally safe.

The Regiment has a strong bond and reputation in never leaving anybody behind and perhaps in this case a euphemism, it is what and who we are so I would ask all to not only check with our membership but any corps or service or members of the general public.

For those living in or near the fire areas keep yourself informed of the current situation by any means, radio, TV or website:

Some of the horrific scenes we have seen on the TV and Facebook posts from those in the line of fire are frightening and our thoughts are with those that have suffered.   We are best when we have a common enemy, and when we do we perform magnificently. The common enemy in this case is the fires. Let’s all pitch in to see what we can do to help those in need.

We thank all the Emergency Service personnel and volunteers at the front line in fighting  the fires and behind them all those welfare organisations and communities providing support services to those in need. 

Duty First

Michael von Berg, RARA National President