RARC Appointment: Greg Decker as National Secretary

It is with pleasure that the Board of the RAR Corporation announces the ex-officio appointment of Greg Decker as National Secretary.

Many of you will already know Greg who served with 8/9 RAR as a senior NCO retiring as a WO Class One in 1999. The role of National Secretary will primarily be focused on engagement with our RAR Family. Greg will be sending out a lot of information to you on emails, our website and Facebook along with conducting polls and establishing a regular newsletter.

Trevor Dixon is not retiring, the role he was performing was too diverse and he will now be responsible as the Public Officer of the RARC for all Governance Obligations with ACNC, ASIC, the ATO, other Statutory State bodies and the conduct of Board meetings.

Contact details for the two positions are:

We know that this sharing of a big job will serve our RAR Family better than we have been able to in the past and I am sure that you will welcome and support both former men of The Regiment in these roles.

Duty First,

Michael von Berg

For Information here is Greg’s military and RAR Associations’ service.

Military Service (1970-2002)

Greg joined the Army in 1970 and was allotted to the Infantry Corps

His postings included 10 Indep Rifle Coy Jungle Training Centre Canungra, 9 RAR (Enoggera), 8/9 RAR (Enoggera), 17 RNSWR (Pymble -Lithgow-Orange), 8/9 RAR (Sgt). HQ CDO REGT Randwick (WO2), 3 RAR Holsworthy (WO2), HQ Land Warfare Centre Canungra (WO2), 6 Training Group Brighton Tasmania (WO1), HQ Army Office Canberra (WO1), HQ Land Command Paddington NSW (WO1) and HQ Pers Div WO Cadets Paddington (WO1) before accepting a redundancy in 1999.

In 1999 he was recalled from discharge to Defence Corporate Support in Sydney on Special Contract as Project Manager for Defence Green Sites in support of the Olympic Games: EX GOLD. After that contract in 2001 he was appointed Defence Contract Manager Sydney for outsourced Facilities Management on behalf of Defence and in 2002 was Defence’s Darwin outsourced Contracts Manager Projects for all Defence Sites.

RAR Associations Service (2002 – continuing)

  • ACT Branch 2002 – 2007 where he was an active member.
  • 8/9 RARA – 2007 National Secretary until 2016 and continues today as it’s Treasurer.
  • QLD Branch – 2007 – 2020 State Secretary. In this appointment he fulfilled other Management Committee responsibilities such as newsletter editor, ceremonial and social organisation and catering activities and relationship building with the resident RAR Battalions 6 RAR and 8/9 RAR.
  • Qld Branch – 2007 – 2020 NMW volunteer (Dads’ Army). He is the Projects’ Manager and liaison with the supporting RAR Battalions resident at Gallipoli Barracks.

Greg’s project management, personal management skills and personality have been beneficial to all those RAR Battalions and RAR Associations that he has been involved with. He epitomises both the RAR’s motto “Duty First” and the RAR Association’s motto “Keeping the Spirit Alive”.