RCB – Legal Fighting Fund

It’s time for legal action.

Despite the overwhelming evidence the RCB Review Group has given to the Government since 2006 that supports our claim, rebuts their reasons for denial and ignores our request for an independent inquiry, we have decided to continue our campaign for justice through Australia’s legal process.

For many years we’ve been disappointed by a Defence Department that has bunkered down in defence of its decision by ignoring our requests to meet with them to challenge their evidence and their reliance on named reviews that on closer examination of RCB content are false and misleading.

For over 12 years we have experienced a Government process that has been unfair and which we contend is in breach of both the Ministerial Code of Conduct and the APS Codes of Conduct and Ethics.

It seems that only in court will the truth of the matter be exposed to the Australian people. We have a chance to prove that right now through thousands of us all chipping in together to fund our legal action. To that end we ask you to donate to our Legal Fighting Fund.

Will you chip in $20, $50, $100 or other amount?

All monies will be spent on legal advice and representation. At the end of the Campaign all remaining Funds will be donated to Legacy.

Your donation can be made by:

  • Bank transfer to The RAR Association Qld’s account
    1. Commonwealth Bank
    2. BSB: 064140
    3. Account #: 00902725
    4. Reference: Insert RCB and your surname,
  • Cheque made out to The RAR Association Qld and posted to Robert Cross 4/15 Gardiner St Alderley Qld 4051. Receipts will be provided if requested.

Regretfully, donations are not tax deductible.

Thank you for your donation and your support to have RCB service recognised as warlike : it is greatly appreciated.

Yours Sincerely,

Robert Cross
RCB Service 1973, 1974/75, 1982
Group Leader
Date: 25 March 2019 



  1. greg lazenby says

    As I have said before all of those pushing for this like to tell there war stories, but never tell the truth about how they where on the piss a lot of the time rooting whores going on trips to Thailand and Singapore for a week here and there. This has become so embarrassing and you are starting to look desperate, how many times do they need to hear NO. Now they want people to help fund lawyers , what a waste of money that will be and the government will drag it out for years until there is no more money to fight it. If you have been following this most of the comments I have read are about the benefits for TPI as a lot of them are pushing the age where the will not receive TPI because of there age. I have even seen some supporters state they don’t care about the medal they just want TPI. I would love to stand in front of any committee and tell them of all the shit I did on the piss and show the photo’s of all the fun I had on local leave and in Thailand Singapore and Borneo it would go down like a lead fart in an elevator.

  2. Vince Parkinson says

    Bob, you were one of the first guys I met when posted to B Coy 8/9 RAR back in 1977. You quickly earned my respect and have had it since. The time and effort you and the rest of the group have put into this quest for RCB Recognition is deserving of more than accolades from those of us who went to RCB.
    With some luck, the legal process will show the true face of the Defence Department and the steps it has taken to deny what we all know to be true, and put in place a decision that cannot be pushed aside anymore.

  3. You guys still trying to get something for nothing? As time goes on your “war stories” get bigger and bigger.
    I have been to RCB and I have done 4 tours of warzones, RCB was not a warzone!

  4. K Stewart-Gray says

    Count me in, it’s time to play hardball, let the bastards be revealed for what they are deceitful politicians who’ve denied us our rightful acknowledgement.