RCB Update June 2024 – The End Game?

This is a progress report of developments since the DHAAT Report 22 August 2023 was presented to the Defence Personnel Minister The Hon. Matt Keogh and publicly released.

We were concerned because the claimants were not given a copy of the Report before its public release. Nevertheless, our detailed analysis of it revealed challengeable matters that in our opinion made the Tribunal’s recommendations unsafe.

Accordingly, we wrote to the Minister on 1st October 2023 asking to delay a formal response to the Report. He agreed and requested the full details of our unsafe opinion.

Those details were sent to the him on 5th June 2024 with a request to meet with him. We wait for his reply.

You will understand that our submission to and subsequent discussions with Minister Keogh will be private and confidential.

Remember that our claim for ‘warlike service’ is for medallic recognition (AASM) but the resulting process we experienced from successive Ministers since 2006 and their Defence Personnel Branch was in our opinion unfair and a denial of natural justice in breach of an Administrative Law principle.

For now, we are only involved with the medallic recognition and its qualifying service entitlement to Repatriation benefits.

Are we facing the End Game?

If not, then our contingency plans may soon require financial support.

Your loyalty, continued patience, persistence and perseverance support over many years is greatly appreciated. THANK YOU.

Ray Fulcher
RCB Service 1979
Chairman RCB Review Group
Date: 20th June 2024

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