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Welcome to the RCB’s website

It is the communications control centre for the RCB Review Group’s management of Operation “Exposure” which aims to have the Government declare RCB service as warlike or failing that to appoint an independent (of Government) public inquiry into the rightful recognition of the nature of RCB military service.

The Reference menu provides the time-line of and access to all our submissions with evidence, the Government’s  replies and our responses to them. Check it out here

We encourage your support by direct engagement in having your say direct to us and to Federal MPs/Senator on all matters associated with RCB service. If you have additional evidence to that already revealed here then please tell us.


  1. Michael Connolly says

    I fully support the push for the RCB receiving it’s rightful recognition. Everyone needs to contact their elected Federal member and let them know about our service being downgraded.

  2. Thank you all very much on your work and persistence ,the work put into this has been outstanding .I have been a follower of it from the start!! I myself did three tours and received no recognition.I had the ASM for riots in Singapore in 1964. However,in my opinion ,if all this work, now at the culminating point, is not followed up by THE MEDIA ,both radio and TV..we could lose again.

    • Greg Cheeseman says

      I agree,we need to get as many of the TV & Media involved. ie: 60 min, Today Tonight. I myself did two tours.