RCB’s Claim for Warlike Service Classification 1970-1989 – The Air Force Association calls on the PM for an independent examination.

In its letter to the Prime Minister, The Air Force Association believes “there is a compelling argument supporting an upgrade of the company‚Äôs service classification…. Consequently, …. the Air Force Association strongly requests the RCB’s deployment be examined by an independent body to determine the correct service classification.”

Letter Prime Minister – Rifle Company Butterworth Malaysia


  1. I have done BUTTERWORTH 1RAR and I have done Afghanistan and to say that its the same is BS.

  2. Dean Brook-Rerecich my says

    Support 100%

  3. Wayne Carthew says

    Whilst I was posted to rifle company Butterworth Malaysia in 1978 we patrolled with live ammunition and had to abide by rules of engagement. I believe this meets the criteria to upgrade our service.