Trojan’s Trek in South Australia (SA) was conducted on Moolooloo Station in the North Flinders Ranges from 13 to 18 September 2020.  This was the twelfth year treks have been conducted in SA.  The remote location supports one of the key elements of success of the program, a peaceful setting in an ancient land, free from electronic, mental and physical distractions. This significantly increases the impact of the messages delivered.

Due to the devastating fires over the summer which had impacted many individuals; fire fighters and first responders were encouraged to attend through publicity and open information sessions on Kangaroo Island.  This was a change in approach to the normal practice when first responders are taken more by exception. Twelve males, all from SA, attended.  Of the total, six fire fighters, one police officer and five ex-military made up the contingent.  The average age of the group was 40 with three being under This was a lower average age than usual and is seen as an advantage as younger participants appear to embrace new concepts willingly.  Participant comments and journals from the trek provide an early indication of significant positive shifts in thinking which occurred as a result of the program.  The three month Independent analysis following the trek has not yet been completed. 

The participants and staff believe that there is an ongoing role for programs of this nature for veterans (and others).  The principles may also be applied to other vocations. The trek is unique and may not suit every veteran, but it is a valuable and effective adjunct to other treatment.  The efficacy of peer to peer programs is now well established in academic literature.

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