The Royal Australian Regiment – 69 th Anniversary


On the 23rd November 1948 the first three battalions of the Royal Australian Regiment were formed, beginning an ongoing chapter of Australia’s military service history that is still evolving.

Today, The Royal Australian Regiment Family comprises seven serving Battalions (1 RAR, 2RAR, 3 RAR, 5 RAR, 6 RAR, 7 RAR and 8/9 RAR) and  nineteen  RAR Association ( seven RARA State/Territory Associations and 12 RAR Battalion Associations) and their families.  The Associations exist to provide fellowship, on call well being support and assistance and protect service entitlements for The  Family

Enjoy the day.

RAR Motto – Duty First

RAR Association Motto – Keeping the Spirit Alive




  1. steve monteath says

    Fanbloodytastic picture of ‘the Colours’ all together paraded and in perfect form. Well done and the ‘Union Flag’ positioned and displayed, perfect!